Surviving on cheap eats like Ramen Noodles isn't just rhetoric for some Boise State students.  Eight out of ten students at the university are struggling with food insecurities on some level, and now something has popped up to help combat that with free food.

The Snack Shack at Boise State works on the honor system, and it's open for a couple of hours on Friday afternoons to help students stock up on canned goods, cereals, and snacks for the weekends.  The Snack Shack doesn't ask any questions, and lets students take the food for free while keeping it confidential.  All of the food there is donated.

Boise Weekly says one student did some research and found out that about eighty percent of students on campus say that food insecurity is a real problem for them, and the idea for the Snack Shack was born out of that.  It's in Room 132 in the Communication Building, and it was developed by the Communication Department while the college works on getting a larger food pantry up and running.  Right now, Boise State is the only university in Idaho without a campus-wide food bank.

If you want to donate some granola bars or a maybe a healthy noodle dish or some kale chips, contact the Communications Department at Boise State and they just might accept the extra help.  The next time a Boise State student aces a big test, they might have your Power Bar to thank!

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