The pre-game tailgate party on campus known as "The Huddle" has been nixed for Saturday's game. Here's what happened.  

The State Board of Education reversed a decision recently that allowed universities to serve alcohol at sporting events, and that means "The Huddle" isn't happening this season.

Last year lots of tents were set up inside the Caven-Williams Sports Complex on campus, and alcohol was involved, along with food, things for the kids, and plenty of big screens.  The event had a clean track record.

There's always been a policy in place to keep alcohol out of college sporting events, but an exception was granted for The Huddle and the Fan Zone last year.  Then the board decided it wasn't a good idea to have constant exceptions, so they went back to the original idea of no alcohol.

So....Bronco'll have to find another way to get your drink on before the big game.  Boise State takes on the Washington State Cougars Saturday night at 8:15.

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