If you're going to eat out for dinner, tonight's the night to do it!

Ladies (and guys who are responsible for making dinner for their families every night,)  do you ever have one of those days where get home from work and you know that making dinner just isn't happening? You had three meetings, people kept coming to your desk and disrupting your focus, you didn't get nearly as much done as you thought you would...it was a long day. You're plain exhausted. You feel bad, but the family has to eat out tonight.

Well, tonight is a night where you can do that guilt free in Downtown Boise.  By eating out somewhere on 8th Street or Beyond, you're being a good neighbor and are making a donation to the refugee families coping with the aftermath of the tragic stabbing at the Wiley Street Station Apartments a few weeks ago.

Juniper on 8th Street and the International Rescue Committee (which has been coordinating a great deal of fundraising for the families) reached out to over a dozen restaurants in Downtown Boise who have agreed to donate a portion of their sales on Thursday, July 12 to the victims.

According to the Facebook event page for the Night of Giving, this evening us really about raising a glass to building and supporting a community that sticks together and refuses to let hate have the last word in a community that we're so proud of.

Restaurants Participating in Night of Giving

  • Juniper
  • Prost
  • Red Feather Lounge
  • Donut Daze
  • The Mode Lounge
  • Eureka!
  • Matador
  • Bittercreek Alehouse
  • The Chocolat Bar
  • City Peanut
  • Pie Hole
  • Fork
  • tHe FuNkY tAco

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