In need of a fresh cut and color for the summer? Saturday is the day to go for it at one very special Downtown Boise salon and spa. 

I can't speak for everyone, but I had a really hard time getting into the 4th of July spirit on Wednesday because every time I opened one of my social networks I saw the face of three year-old Ruya Kadir.  She's the little girl who lost her life due to injuries sustained in the State Street stabbing attack. Every time I see her sweet, little face, my heart breaks all over again for her mom and dad.

As you can probably tell from the thousands of people who came out to the vigil earlier this week I'm not the only feeling that way.  The owners of The Studio: An Elite Salon and Spa at 702 W Idaho Street in Downtown Boise feel that way too, so this weekend they're doing what they can to help Ruya's family.

According to a post on the salon's Facebook page, 100% of profits from all services performed on Saturday, July 7 will go to help pay for Ruya's funeral costs and any outstanding medical bills the family may have from her hospital stay in Salt Lake City.  It doesn't matter which of their services you get: hair cut and color, manicure, pedicure, facial, waxing, makeup, massage, etc...100% of the cost of your service is going directly to the family. You can check out the full menu of services available at The Studio HERE. 

If you can't make it Saturday, but want to be part of the cause, you can call and book your service over the phone at 577-6252 to make sure that the money is included in the donation.

The stabbing hit close to home for owner David Madvin, who's married to a refugee.  Via Facebook, he said his wife and her family knew the victims of the stabbing.

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