For sushi lovers, Saturday, October 13 is going to be a bittersweet day!

Last fall there was a lot of buzz around Downtown Boise's Superb Sushi when Man vs. Food host Casey Webb and his camera crew rolled into town. While the episode also highlighted how to properly build an Ice Cream Potato at Westside Drive-In and EDGE Brewing's homemade death sauce, the main focus of the episode was Casey trying to set a new record while taking down the "Demons Delight Challenge." To successfully conquer the challenge one must down a bowl of the"Miso Soup from Hell,"  followed by the Demon's Delight Roll with side of Superb's own death sauce.

If you watched the episode with anyone bold enough to scoff and say "I could totally do that," now's the time to tell them to put up or shut up.  Superb Sushi is closing their doors for good on Saturday, October 13.

The end of Superb Sushi's Downtown Location doesn't come as a result of a shrinking sushi fan base, but rather because the couple who owns the Downtown location is retiring. They shared the news with fans via a Facebook post on September 27.

I'm bummed to see them go because Superb Sushi was the place where I tried sushi for the first time...but I'm excited for the family to start writing the next chapter of their story!

Stop in to to have one last roll! They're open to Tuesday-Friday for lunch from 11:30-2 p.m. and dinner Tuesday-Saturday 5-9 p.m.

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