Boise was recently named one of America’s Next Great Food Cities, as an up-and-coming place that should be on everyone’s radars, and it’s easy to see why:

Boise’s culinary scene is absolutely bursting with promise!

New restaurants are opening left and right, and they all have such unique vibes and delectable cuisines that are unlike any other.



So imagine the excitement of locals when two new Thai restaurants recently opened up in the area, and they’re not only doing well, they’re thriving.


  • Nahm Thai and Burmese Cuisine

Although Nahm Thai and Burmese Cuisine only recently opened, they have already been receiving a number of raving reviews on various social media platforms.

Many people are already claiming it may be the best Thai restaurant in Boise and Meridian.

It’s also conveniently located near Boise State University, next to The Ram on Park Center. 



577 E Park Boulevard, Suite 110C

Boise, ID 83712


  • 208 Pho Thai & Sushi 

208 Pho Thai & Sushi had their grand opening just this past weekend, and they have Vietnamese food, Thai cuisine and sushi.

They were originally called “208 Pho & Vegan,” but under a new management team, they decided to re-brand and create an entirely new menu.

Reviews with pictures of the delicious food on their new menu, particularly their sushi, have already been flooding in – as a place that locals need to try out.



8675 W Franklin Rd

Boise, ID 83709


We haven’t tried these places yet, but we’re excited to... and we’re over-the-moon that Boise is simply opening more and more options!

Particularly new restaurants that serve unique cultural foods, so you can practically eat all over the world without ever leaving the Treasure Valley.

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