Though we are over 1,000 miles away, the impact of hurricanes in Texas and Florida are being felt here in the Treasure Valley. Chase Craig's team of realtors traveled from Idaho to Texas to create survival buckets and clean up homes that had been submerged in water for several days. 


Chase Craig is a Keller Williams group of realtors based in Boise. Every year they go on a convention-type of retreat but after this year's devastation in Texas (and then Florida), the retreat turned into a relief effort.

The group who turned this all around is called KW Cares. Our Treasure Valley realtor family (those who made sure we all had our homes to feel safe in) got together to help those who don't have homes any longer - after Hurricane Harvey and, not long after, Hurricane Irma.

Tens of thousands of volunteer hours were contributed, millions of dollars were raised and KW Cares trucks  sent supplies to those who were in need.

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