You've got enough on your calendar without having to add reminders to take books back to the library, and now you truly don't have to worry about it.  The Boise Public Library has gone fine free.

If a book becomes lost in the big black hole that is your middle schooler's bedroom, that's a slightly different story, and there will still be a fee associated with that.


But overall, the Boise Public Library doesn't charge fines or late fees anymore for materials that are overdue.  This went into effect last fall (October 1) and if you had fines for overdue books on your account at that point, those fines still need to be paid.  But from now on, any books that are checked out longer than the allotted four weeks will auto-renew and no fine will be tacked on.

If someone else is waiting to check out a book you have and places a hold on it, you'll have to turn that one in and the auto-renew doesn't apply.  My kids have placed many holds on books in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter, and we always appreciate getting the email that the book is ready.  And my middle schooler reads it so darn fast there is no danger of us ever getting close to the four-week mark, and the next person gets it quickly.

The Boise Public Library sends out reminders when due dates are coming up, and when an item is overdue.  Once you get past the due date, your account becomes locked and you can't check out anything else until the book is returned or paid for if it's lost or damaged.  We had to pay up once when the dog ripped out the last two pages of one book, but if we behave ourselves and practice library etiquette, we can avoid that hassle.

The library is such a great free resource, especially if you have kids and you always seem to be looking for healthy ways to keep them busy and entertained. Me too.

Just get a library card HERE to get going.  Winter is a great time to read!  Cozy up by the fire and make the most of it. And now if you forget to take the book back until spring break, it's truly okay.

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