Today was a big day. You see, when you move to a new city, there are so many things that have to be done. In addition to the actual move, you have to set up your cable, trash, water, and power. Then you have to figure out how long you can get away with your old license plates from your last state before you get pulled over, and of course, you have to get a new driver's license. I actually enjoyed going to the DMV in my new location. There is no other place like the DMV to learn about the people in your new city. You need to stop at one final spot, especially if, like me, you have kids. You have to stop at the library to get your card.

In this pandemic version of reality that we're living in right now, I had to make an appointment for the DMV, so the people watching was super dull. Everything else I did online, but the library is different. I went online and filled out an application. Then I went to the library downtown. While I went there to find books for my daughter, I always find all kinds of books for myself. I tend to get books on management or be a better leader or motivate yourself to get things done and try new things. The problem is that occasionally I start these books, but I've never read for more than two days in a row. After that, it's back to Netflix. Maybe I'm more of a books on tape person. Good news, though. The Boise library has those too!

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