A golden retriever that had been sick for several months has fully recovered, and now she'll become an outreach dog with Boise Police.  Today is adoption day for a sweet girl named Clover.

When Clover got to the Idaho Humane Society she had already been sick for months, and they said she was severely underweight and had been vomiting quite a bit.

KTVB said the bloodwork suggested liver disease, but the veterinarians at the Humane Society did some further testing including x-rays, and figured out small bits of a chewed-up dog toy were blocking her digestive tract and she would need surgery to fix it.  The operation was successful and now she has fully recovered.  Most dogs would probably be content just feeling good enough to eat and play after that, but Clover is going to get a whole new life and a chance to have an impact on a lot of people in Boise.

Clover will get to be the Boise Police Department's new wellness and community outreach dog.  Boise Police told KTVB that they had been looking for a friendly dog like Clover who gets along well with people and other dogs, and it doesn't hurt that she's highly trainable.  Officer health is a priority for the police department, and as a member of the wellness program, Clover will have the chance to help police officers unwind after encountering stressful situations on duty.

Clover's official adoption takes place today at 11 am at the Idaho Humane Society.  How cool.  And after healing from her health issues, she can fully enjoy a treat.

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