Idaho Humane Society Rescued 77 Cats from a Hoarder
Twenty cats were found crammed into the bathroom of a Treasure Valley motel room in July, and seventy-seven were rescued in all. Charges are pending against the woman accused of hoarding, and the cats are being nursed back to health and are almost ready for adoption.
Today is the Best Day to Adopt a Boise Shelter Pet
There are hundreds of pets in shelters across the Treasure Valley right now, waiting for an awesome home like yours.  And it's National Pets Day, so today is the perfect day to go get one, like our super cuddly and slightly spazzy Libby.  Have you browsed through these shelters?
The Truth About the Homeless at Cooper Court
The homeless tents at Cooper Court are being moved and the area cleared.  There are quite a few people up in arms about it since it's the homeless being evicted. But all that seems may not be true.
We decided to call Reverend Bill Rosco of the Boise Rescue Mission that is right next to the …
The Pros and Cons of Getting a Dog for Christmas
My girls have been begging for a companion dog for our beloved Harry for months, and I finally caved after reading an article about why dogs make great Christmas gifts for kids.  But is this really a good idea? She's chewing up stuff.
Hero Status: Miniature Rescue By Washington State Firefighter.
The Lacey Fire Department was called to a house fire where the family was able to make it out safely but there was still more life inside - baby hamsters. Being the true heroes they are each and every day, the firefighters resorted to the Pet Emergency Pocket Guide and fashioned a tiny oxygen mask t…
Yesterday about 3:15, I got a frantic call from my son.  It went something like this: "Dad, why don't you answer your phone, you never know when there might be an emergency."  From that call I ended up going to just this side of La Grande, Oregon and putting a radiat…