Mmmm, pie! 

Back in the day, my mom was the president of my elementary school's Parents and Teachers Alliance.  As one of the fundraisers for the PTA, the moms got together to build a cookbook to sell to friends and family.  My mom's contribution to the cook book? "President's Pie."  It sounds like a high brow, secret recipe...but if you'd bought the Robinwood Lane Elementary cookbook, my mom actually submitted a recipe instructing you how to get to Costco, buy a frozen pie, bake it and pass it off as homemade.

With the holidays quickly approaching you may volunteer to bring a pie to a family gathering or company pot luck.  I love my mom to death, but PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don't take a page out of her playbook.  If you're tight on time or a disaster in the kitchen, Boise Pie Co. has your back!

The new Treasure Valley restaurant is opening in an old sandwich shop on Orchard Street next week! Their pies are homemade with love by Terrance and Bridgette McAbee, a couple who just moved to the Treasure Valley from Florida! They're super excited for their soft opening on Monday afternoon and grand opening on Tuesday, October 31st and can't wait for you to try their pies that have a bit of a southern twist to them!

We were able to stop in to and check out the restaurant this week and taste some of the pies.  Normally, my favorite pie is apple...but I may have just become the biggest Key Lime Pie fan in the world.  It shouldn't surprise you that the native Floridians have Key Lime on the menu, but it's a really special pie.  They had the fresh juice they use in the recipe flown in directly from Key West!

They also let us try a pie I've never heard of before - Chess Pie.  Chess Pie is a type of custard pie made with eggs, butter, sugar, vanilla and the ingredient that sets it apart from other pies like it...cornmeal. It's a southern specialty around the holidays!

Check out our sneak peek with the McAbee's below and get ready to check out their official Grand Opening at 1216 N Orchard on Tuesday!

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