Mmmm, pie! 

You might not know this about me.  My dad's an architect and while he could design some really cool houses if he wanted to, he primarily focuses on designing warehouses and storage facilities for large companies. When I was a kid, he had an account for a company called Gardner Pie and I LOVED anytime he went to do work with them.  Why? Because he'd always come home with a few fresh from the bakery pies!  What kid doesn't love knowing that there's guaranteed pie after dinner?

Fast forward 25+ years and I'm still a huge fan of fresh baked pie, so I'm excited for the news our friend Don at BoiseDev shared this week! The Treasure Valley is getting a restaurant who's main mission is to serve up homemade pie.  Named Boise Pie Co., it'll be moving into an old sandwich shop on Orchard Street.  The couple behind the restaurant is new to the Treasure Valley, moving here from Florida. While they're excited to get to know the Treasure Valley, they do incorporate Florida into their recipes in a very special way.

It's probably no surprise that they plan to include Key Lime Pie on the menu, but this Key Lime Pie will be made Key Lime Juice sent to Boise Pie Co directly from Key West, Florida.  Another southern them that you'll find at the restaurant during the holiday season, Chess Pie.  Yeah, I didn't know what it was either so I had to google it.  Chess Pie is a type of custard pie made with eggs, butter, sugar, vanilla and the ingredient that sets it apart from other pies like it...cornmeal.

The pies will be fresh made in Boise and if you want something to go with that pie, they'll also have a small selection of sandwiches, sides and soup on the menu.  According to BoiseDev, Boise Pie Co. is shooting for a late October or early November grand opening.

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