As a child who received a free seedling in elementary school, trust me when I say you will never regret this decision!

Are you familiar with the City of Trees Challenge? It's a passion project of Boise Mayor, Lauren McLean, that we absolutely love. Her goal is to have one tree planted for every household in Boise over the next decade. In total? That adds up to 100,000 trees.

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Here's why I LOVE this idea. When I was a kid, a pretty wicked storm ripped through my hometown. It destroyed a lot of the trees that had been standing for in the park for almost 50 years. In an attempt to rehabilitate the area, they gave elementary kids saplings to go plant in the park. I was so excited to take my little pine tree over there. With some help from the park staff, my family planted that little guy and I was so proud. To this day, I go see how big it's gotten every year when I go back to Ohio to see family at Christmas.

Planting a tree and watching it grow is such a cool experience for kids and the City of Boise is giving 500 trees away to create those memories this fall! Starting Tuesday, September 29, you can reserve a tree through the Boise Farmer's Market website for pick up on Saturdays in October. There are 500 available and you can pick from 15 varieties!

Just a heads up, these aren't little baby trees. They're mature trees that are about five to seven feet in height, so make sure you bring a vehicle big enough to haul them when you pick yours up!


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