The video was simply everywhere and of course, it's garnering some love from the internet for our great state of Idaho.

TikTok did as TikTok always does over the weekend-- provided all of us with some stellar, entertaining material. Of course, the best of the best bleeds over onto Instagram and Twitter. One video in particular, featured a guy cruising along on a skateboard or longboard, singing "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac and taking pulls of Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice. By Saturday afternoon, this video was EVERYWHERE and sure enough, I was right in thinking that those silo's in the background of the video were familiar.

The video actually takes place in Idaho Falls at Junction I-15 and US 20.

The video wasn't just big in Idaho or in the United States...turns out, it even went global:

 He's up to over 15,000 followers on Twitter now, selling merch, and making a killing on Venmo...I guess you could say he did something right. 

If you missed out on the video you can check it out via the tweet, below:   


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