I've been working at 107.9 LITE-FM for almost two months now. So far, things have been great. I love the music, Michelle and Jen have been super nice, and the studio is beautiful. Today, I had one of those days at work that everyone has. It seemed like nothing was going right. I just couldn't get into a rhythm, and I didn't feel comfortable. I'm not sure what really caused it, but whatever it was culminated in the phones breaking. I'm pretty sure it wasn't my fault, but as I was trying to play the LITE-FM Match Game, I went to the phones like I've done every day. Today, however, as I went to take caller seven, I couldn't hear anyone on the other end of the line. I found out later that they couldn't hear me either. When you're the new guy, and you're the only one in the room when something breaks, you automatically look guilty!

I called the station fix-it guy, Jordan. He took about ten minutes to figure out what the problem was. The good news was that whatever went wrong wasn't my fault. That's a good thing because I didn't want them to take the repair costs out of my paycheck! Ultimately, the phones lost the power supply, and it took about thirty more minutes to fix.

Once the phones were repaired, I was off and running. We played the Match Game a little late, had a winner, and the next couple of hours went well. But bad days usually don't get better, and mone was no exception because when I got in the car to go home, my check engine light came on—a fitting end to a not so good day. I think I'll watch Netflix unless my internet goes down.

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