In a statement reminiscent of Dean Wormer's warning of double-secret probation in the movie Animal House, Boise Mayor Lauren McLean has issued a public statement concerning the Idaho Liberty Dogs. McLean's office issued a press release complete with a statement from the mayor concerning Saturday's No Tent Cities/BLM in Idaho march. 

The conservative Liberty Dogs are concerned about the 'tent city' set up in front of the old Ada County Courthouse. The group wants the Boise mayor and city council to address the lack of affordable housing and homeless facilities. The mayor and the city rejected Interfaith Sanctuary's request to move their facilities to State Street. The collection of groups told the Idaho Press that they planned a potluck lunch at 11 am.

Live in protestors are not new to Boise or the old Ada County Courthouse. In 2011, Occupy Wall Street's group lived in the same area as a protest to the greedy Wall Street capitalists. The current group's location is misguided, considering the city of Boise has nothing to do with the old Ada County Courthouse. Those are state grounds and under the jurisdiction of the Idaho State Police.  

Will Antifa Show Up?

The Idaho Liberty Dogs say in their Facebook post that they will peacefully occupy the grounds along with the others. They say that they're worried about Boise becoming another liberal enclave like Portland or downtown Los Angeles.  

In her release that hit the streets at 5:14 pm Friday evening, Mayor McLean offered this warning to the Idaho Liberty Dogs:

"I firmly believe in our first amendment rights as Americans. I fully support peaceful protest; it is an integral part of our democracy. It has come to my attention that tomorrow there is a planned counter-protest to the ongoing protest on state property. Since it is their jurisdiction, Idaho State Police will be standing by.

I value people's rights to have their voices heard, but only if it is done in a peaceful way. This community values the right to peacefully assemble, and we value the right to safety and security in public places.  We are committed to creating a city for everyone. That means this is a city that is safe for everyone. 

Odd that the mayor would send out a statement that doesn't concern her jurisdiction, as she has pointed out in the past. Perhaps she should go back to her campaign promise of listening instead of prejudging others?  

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