To all of our anti-growth friends, don't celebrate that almost last place finish just yet.

Well folks, this shouldn't come as a surprise, but Boise's ranked on another list.  After the calls and reactions we got about the "rent list" that we talked about earlier this week, I'm almost afraid to tell you about this one.  But hey, we finished 166 out of 182 cities.  That's not a great finish, so maybe people won't want to move here after all...right?

Not exactly. The list we finished poorly on was one that you want to finish almost last on! Wallet Hub just released their definitive ranking of the most stressed out cities in the United States.  They looked at all kinds of factors including the amount of time that we spend in traffic while commuting to and from the office, job satisfaction, bankruptcy rates, credit scores, divorce rates, availability of childcare workers and adults diagnosed with depression.  When the experts took step back, they put those factors under four main "stressor umbrellas:" work, financial, family and health & safety.

So that #166 rank? That means we live in one of the least stressed out cities in the country. In Boise, our biggest stressor is family.  Nampa residents are a little more stressed out than Boise.  They ranked 81 on the list.  Like Boise, the biggest stressor is family.

To see the complete list click HERE. 

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