Recent news shared with everyone by Boise Mayor Lauren McLean could mean big changes to how we drive, walk, and even party in downtown Boise.

If you've ever been downtown Boise for the various Oktoberfest celebrations or beer festivals, you've seen how PACKED the streets get when the streets are shut down for crowds. I've seen this on both 8th Street and on 6th & Main. You know the party is going to be big when the streets get blocked off! Now, the City of Boise is exploring the option of doing this...year round.

As you can see from the tweet above, it seems all attention is on 8th Street-- one that, on Friday and Saturday evenings can be REAL busy and often a terrible road to have to drive up.

What do you think about the possible expansion of bar ad restaurant patios to permanently shut down 8th or any other street for that matter?

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