Only a few come to mind when it comes to great rock bars. There's the 100 Club in London, which was where jazz artists like Benny Goodman and Louis Armstrong used to play in the 40s, then later was the place where the Rolling Stones and the Sex Pistols rose to fame. Then there's the Whiskey A Go Go in West Hollywood, where the stage was home to bands like The Doors, Motley Crue, and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers as they started out. Both bars are still hot spots for the best up-and-coming bands you haven't heard of yet.

While Boise may not have the same rock and roll street cred as it does in the world of Country music, plenty of artists have played on their way to stardom at the Buffalo Club or Cowgirls. However, Loudwire, an online rock magazine, recently named its 25 Great American Rock Bars, and a Boise bar made the list.

Neurolux has been rocking the historic Hitchcock Building in downtown Boise since 1993. The building was built in 1919 to be a used car dealership. You can imagine old cars being showcased in the part of the building now home to the Record Exchange. The section where Neuorlux is located was added to the building in the 30s.

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Local reviews on Yelp and Google are generally positive, with many claiming that they pour the "strongest" drinks in Boise and that it's the place to see new bands on their way to making it big.

Other Boise area rock bars to check out are The Shredder and The Olympic.

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