There's no shortage of tasting events in the Treasure Valley, but this is one we've already marked on our calendars!

I'll be honest, for the past month I've been in a funk where I haven't quite felt myself.  My husband's been so good about asking what he can do to help and the only answer I can come up with is "buy me a lot of cheese." I'm not sure exactly WHY cheese has become my go-to comfort food, but I do always feel a little better after stuffing my face full of it!

That's probably why I'm so excited about the Boise Grilled Cheese Festival coming up on Saturday, October 26! According to the event post on Facebook the festival will serve up an entire evening of gourmet grilled cheese bites big and small.  All the creations will be dreamed up by local chefs and we get to judge which dish gets named as the best!

It looks like tickets go on sale on June 17, but you can get early access to them when you RSVP. The event is being produced by 11 Creative, who's hosted similar sold out events in Denver. The 2018 edition featured 11 chefs competing for the title and more than 8 breweries showed up to help wash down the yummy grilled cheese sandwiches.

Hubby makes a killer gourmet grilled cheese sandwich made with four-five cheeses (including cream cheese,) spinach, tomatoes, bacon and avocado.  He thinks his is the best, so I have a feeling we'll stopping by this event to see if anyone can top it!

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