Halloween is not far off, and October will be a great time to discover some new "haunts."

One haunted spot in Boise is at a popular place where you might have seen a concert.  Another involves a ghost horse, riding at a local cemetery.  And another is on the Boise State campus.

People say if you go to the edge of the Dry Creek Cemetery anytime after 2:15am, you might see (or hear) the ghost horse riding by the canal bank.

A man was fatally stabbed in a robbery in 1870 in the Loon Creek area, and Hauntedplaces.org says his ghost may still be there.  He was cooking breakfast when he was killed in a sneak attack.

It's now a frat house at Boise State, but Hauntedplaces.org says "Murder House" was the sight of a brutal murder in 1987, and blood stains still appear and blinds still open and close by themselves.

And the Egyptian Theater?  A worker who died there on the stairs, on his way to the projection booth, reportedly died there in the 1950s and still haunts the place by opening and closing doors, turning off lights, and making noises.

Know of other haunted spots?  If you've been to these places, or another spot like the Old Idaho Penitentiary, we'd love to hear your stories.  Just in time for Halloween.