When it comes to Kellen Moore and the Treasure Valley, he really can't be touched. Here's the thing about Kellen: he really, in the eyes of Boise State fans and many college football fans, can do no wrong. With a winning record like he has, a storied history in leading Boise State to victory, and now a successful career with the Dallas Cowboys-- what's not to love about the guy that is doing what so few from our area have ever been able to pull of? He's the pride and joy, along side Chris Petersen perhaps, of the Boise State football program.

Kellen Moore: Dominance Over The Years

Kellen Moore's 50 career victories as the starting quarterback at Boise State University remain the most by any QB in NCAA football history. Moore, who was touted as one of the most brilliant minds in college football has now taken those brains to the NFL where Dallas fans can't get enough of him.

Now an Offensive Coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys and a name tossed around the rumor mill for more than one Head Coach position in the NFL, Moore is a hot commodity.

Is this still the case after the Cowboys' loss to the San Francisco 49ers? There is a lot of harsh criticism going Moore's way from the commentators and the fan base after Dallas lost arguably the biggest game of their season in the playoffs. Perhaps the largest of any of the critical voices is conveniently one of the largest names in the history of the Dallas Cowboys franchise.

Yeah, we're talking about Troy Aikman.

In a sports-talk interview which was covered by Fox, Aikman said:

I hate going back to (when I was playing) because nobody cares, but what I see around the league — it's not just Dallas, I've seen it with a lot of teams — a lot of these offenses want to scheme things. The coordinators, it's all about scheme, rather than, 'This corner is playing soft. He's scared to death.' Just run the route tree.

Yeah, that's a total call-out for Kellen who, according to Aikman, may have been over thinking things. The controversial QB Draw play to end the game frustrated everyone and most assumed that the best option would have been to throw to the top receiver.

If I've got a great player at wide receiver and a corner is playing him in single coverage, throw him the ball, he's going to win most of the time

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Chris Petersen Through The Years

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