After a record-setting summer with 27 days in the triple digits, Boise and the surrounding area is more than ready for fall! 

When fall really begins sort of depends on who you ask! According to Accuweather, there are really three types of “autumns.” Solar autumn is August-October. Meteorological fall is September-November. Astronomical autumn is what we see published on our calendars. In 2022, it starts on September 22. 

That means that if someone is giving you a hard time about your love of everything pumpkin spice and your burning desire to put up the Halloween decorations like…yesterday, you have a witty comeback to let them know they’re wrong. 

If one of your favorite fall traditions is picking and carving (or painting) pumpkins, grabbing your pumpkins from a local Idaho farm family is something you can feel good about! But which local pumpkin patch took the honor of being one of the BEST pumpkin patches in America? A well-known national publication recently made its pick, but before we reveal it…let’s take a look at the list of contenders! 

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Wow! There sure are a lot of amazing places to grab pumpkins in our area, but which of these 10 was Reader’s Digest’s pick for the best pumpkin patch in Idaho? When they updated their list for 2022, they once again handed the honor to the Lowe Family Farmstead (although, someone may want to tell RD that the Farmstead left Meridian a few years ago.)

Photo by Christopher Luther on Unsplash
Photo by Christopher Luther on Unsplash

When we introduced the Lowe Family Farmstead, we mentioned that they’re no strangers to accolades. Reader’s Digest has picked them several years in a row. Rather than picking a pumpkin patch from every state, The Pioneer Woman picked just 20 patches, regardless of where they were at for their list of “20 Best Pumpkin Patches in the U.S. That will Fill Your Fall with Magic.” The Farmstead appeared on that list, too! 

This year, they were nominated as one of the US Today’s “10 Best” corn mazes in America. Voting for the contest closed on September 12, with the winners expected to be announced on September 23!

Their past maze designs have certainly attracted national attention. News of their 2016 “Fallon at the Farmstead” design made it to the late-night host and not only did it appear on the show, Jimmy Fallon sent Hashtag the Panda to parachute into the center of it! Didn’t have a chance to see it? You can see in this gallery of AMAZING mazes the farm has put together over the years! 

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