Another #1 ranking for Boise.  Yes... #1 in the entire nation according to Yahoo Finance.


Boise beat out ever city in America when it comes to the all-time best city to Retire On A Social Security Budget.


Top 5

5.     Grand Rapids, Michigan

4.     Dayton, Ohio

3.     Colorado Springs, Colorado

2.     Cape Coral, Florida

1.     Boise, Idaho


The 2016 annual average Social Security Payment in the U.S.A. is $1,341 a month.  So the average married couple would bring in a total of $2,682 a month.


Boise has plenty of affordable housing.  Retirees with a paid off home pay a median of $351 a month for the taxes.  This leaves plenty of money for all the great activities Boise has to offer like... BSU Games and/or classes, hiking, biking, river sports, skiing, museums, Zoo Boise, great restaurants, and of course the 25-mile long Greenbelt along the Boise River.


Homeowner costs with a mortgage: $1,016

Homeowner costs with a paid-off house: $351

Median rent: $781

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