Football season is right around the corner and there is nothing quite like a solid hot wing on game day… with ranch dressing of course! But what makes a good hot wing? According to me, the wing needs to have crunch, chicken that can slide off the bone, and of course, incredible sauce. Am I an official wing expert? Absolutely not, there are plenty of people out there who have more wing experience than I do. I can, however, tell you right now what a wing is NOT supposed to be based on the many failures I’ve had when trying to cook the perfect wing:

  • “Moist” breading on the wing
  • Dry on the inside
  • “Rubbery” chicken
  • Bland seasoning
  • Overcooked/burnt on the outside
  • Little to no sauce
  • Too much sauce (this is debatable)

Thankfully, my family doesn’t have to worry too much about me attempting to make chicken wings. I retired from chicken wing cooking a few years ago. As I previously mentioned, the silver lining to being a horrible chicken wing chef is that I’ll know what it’s not supposed to be.

We compiled a list of the best-rated chicken wing spots in the Treasure Valley according to reviews from Yelp and Google. Did we get it right? Are there places you get your wings exclusively for game day? Let us know!

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