Since the COVID-19 pandemic began in March, the average employee has been working an extra two to three hours per day. That's almost an entire extra work week per month! 

That's why we want to honor those hard workers who've gone above and beyond their normal responsibilities. Not only have they stepped up in a big way when times got tough, they've done it with a smile on their face. Does that sound like one of your employees or co-workers? Then use the form below to nominate them to become LITE-FM's "Employee of the Week!"

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Each Thursday, Michelle in the Morning will surprise one of these incredibly hard working individuals with a catered lunch for their office from our friends at Gyro Shack in their honor!

BTW, we'll need YOUR help organizing the surprise if someone in your office is chosen for this fun honor. Be on the look out for an e-mail or phone call from our party planner extraordinaire, Jaci, so you can help build the surprise together!

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