A solar flare has made it so the beauty of the Northern Lights may possibility be visible from Idaho this weekend. It could also impact communications!


It's rare but happens on occasion; Aurora Borealis being seen as far South as Idaho, and it may happen this weekend. According to CNN, "A large solar flare erupted Thursday and is set to reach Earth Saturday, which could result in a strong geomagnetic storm and cause the aurora borealis, or Northern Lights, to be visible across the US and Europe." They even have maps that indicate where this may be visible, and while it's possible that the lights can be seen from the Treasure Valley, it's much more likely to be seen if you head North. Take a look at this graphic:

Pretty exciting, really... To think that you could possibly drive out to remote parts of Idaho and see the Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis with your very own eyes. I always think of the 2000 film, 'Frequency', starring Dennis Quaid where he played a father who communicated with his son through a ham radio, through time and the vehicle to make these communications transmissions possible, was Aurora Borealis. So how can it effect communications? Well, according to CNN's article: "This geomagnetic storm could cause voltage irregularities and false alarms on some protection devices, NOAA warns. It also could cause high frequency radio blackouts and loss of radio contact on the sunlit side of the earth." It's such an interesting phenomenon. If you see it, take pictures!

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