Idahoans and residents of surrounding states could be in for a very special treat this evening and tomorrow night. Thanks to a series of geomagnetic storms, Idaho is among several states that will potentially have a summertime view of the Northern Lights.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), a geomagnetic storm watch went into effect yesterday and goes until tomorrow. The NOAA says that the storms have the potential to push auroras "away from its normal polar residence" resulting in a summertime view of the Northern Lights in Idaho.

How can we catch a view?

The forecast from NOAA puts tonight as the prime evening to catch a view of the aurora if the storm pushes it far enough. Like with any storm, conditions can be unpredictable so there's a chance we may not get as good of a view as our neighboring states. The site Thrillist reports that the storm will be at its peak (G3) around 9 PM tonight. Residents in less-populated areas with low light pollution will have the best chance of catching a glimpse of the aurora. Thanks to, we can get a better look at which areas in Idaho have the lowest light pollution:

Due to all the variables that can affect us seeing the aurora borealis, recording it on video or getting a photo of it would be quite the catch. Do you have previous photos or videos of the aurora borealis from Idaho? Do you think we'll get a view this evening? Share your photos, videos, and thoughts with us here.

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