About an hour ago, I told the my new team at 107.9 LITE FM that this has been one of the most fun weeks in my adult life. I'm so excited to help keep you company as you get ready to head out the door for work or school every morning!

The parents who shared their kid's "first day of school" stories had me cracking up, especially Janene K.'s son! He's a high school junior that came home with a list of three demands after Day One. Demand #2 was the best - "I can't have math at the end of the day! My brain is friend by then." I feel you buddy.  I had AP Calculus the last period of the day my senior year...right after I had to do math in Physics the period before. By the time I got to Calc, the only math I actually wanted to do was countdown the minutes until track practice.

I also loved getting to chat with Rita B. when she won Roaring Springs passes for her daughter.  She wins my award for "parent most excited to send their child back to school."

And to all of you that said the TV show you are most looking forward to new episodes of is This is Us, I agree with you 100%.  I cried during the two minute clip from the season premiere that NBC released this week.  I'll be right there with you crying my eyes out the entire season as we find out how Jack Pearson really died.

Anyway, it was great getting to meet some of you guys this week and I can't wait to get to know you better! I want you guys to have the opportunity to get to know me better too!  That's why on Monday I'll be hosting one of those Reddit style "Ask Me Anything" sessions and answering your questions on YouTube!

This weekend, submit any question you want to ask me below and I'll answer it next week! Get creative with your questions, because I'll randomly choose one person that sent a question to win a pair of Roaring Springs day passes!

Make 'em good and thanks for listening to me during my first week!

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