What happens when you get a phone call from a number that doesn't start with the numbers 2-0-8?

If you're anything like me, you immediately reject them or silence your phone until it stops ringing.  If it's something important, they'll leave you a message or text you, right? I just did that when my phone started ringing during my run on Saturday morning so I can't believe I'm about to tell you to actually pick up the phone next time that happens.

Answering that call could earn you $1200! It's not a joke and it's not a scam.  According to KIVI-TV's national news partner Simplemost, Dish Network is involved in a class-action lawsuit because they violated the National Do No Call Registry Law.  That's right, their telemarketers called "potential customers" for more than a year knowing that the people they were calling were on the Do Not Call List.

If your number was included in those calls that happened between May 2010 and August 2011, you're entitled to up to $1200 in the settlement the TV provider reached. They really want to give you the money, but they're having a hard time reaching you.  Ironically, they're trying to inform people who's numbers were on the list of illegally called numbers by telephone.  Surprise! People either aren't picking up or if they do, they think that the fact that someone's calling them with an offer of $1200 is a total scam. Post cards and letters haven't been super effective either. It's all legit. There's no scam here and 70% of people included in the lawsuit don't even know it.

Think you may have missed the call because you didn't recognize the number and want the cash that you're entitled to? You can enter your phone number HERE to see if you were included. Don't wait. All claims must be made by June 18 if you expect to see any cash!

I'm bummed I wasn't on the list, but give it a shot.  I've had some past luck with class action lawsuits.  I totally forgot that I'd sent in a claim for one against Red Bull until a four pack of free energy drinks showed up at my apartment more than a year later!

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