We learned this week that Boise has one of the best Downtowns in the country, according to Livability. Or maybe they confirmed what we already knew. (Fighting the urge to put the winky emoji right there.)

Meanwhile, other cities across the US are getting ripped apart for having awful designs. More reason to love the Treasure Valley!

In this city you might find an adult bookstore next to a retail clothing store next to a skyscraper, because there are no zoning laws that would prevent those buildings from butting up against each other.  Because of that, this Texas city is at the top of the list for the worst design in America.

Houston tops the list of the 9 Worst Designed Cities in the US because of poor planning, according to Thrillist.  Those experts say the lack of vision created too much of a patchwork quilt instead of a streamlined city with continuity.  And it's not real purdy, and there are smog issues there.  Ew.  At least Houston isn't the fattest city in America anymore.  That title belongs to Shreveport now.

Other poorly designed cities on the list are Orlando, FL; Missoula, MT, Boston, MA; and New Orleans, LA.  Missoula made the list because of its Rose Hill neighborhood near the University of Montana where all of the roads suddenly shift to a 45-degree angle.  The Slants neighborhood tried to break away and become its own town once, but now it's right in the middle of Missoula.  Might be fun for Montana frat guys on hoverboards.

What's up Eagle!  Meridian, Kuna, Boise...

Once again, the Treasure Valley is a pretty great place to be.