As the Treasure Valley and Gem State prepare for the influx of tourists for the eclipse coming Monday, it's probably no surprise this will be impacted:  Gas prices.  They're going up.

The Idaho AAA has put out the warning that gas prices will be increasing as the amount of visitors to the Gem State jumps up over the next week.  It's the old story, increased demand will drive prices higher, especially in the states (like ours) in the path of totality.

The current expectation from officials is that our state will see about 500,000 tourists specifically for the eclipse.  Estimates for Oregon are one million.

The potential for a price jump is serious enough that AAA is encouraging all of us to gas up as soon as possible to avoid the big jump in prices.  Our current average price is $2.65 per gallon.

You can see more from KIVI TV 6.

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