Ammon Bundy will answer your questions concerning his race to become Idaho's next governor. The recently declared independent candidate will join us on Monday morning at 905am.

Mr. Bundy's appearance is courtesy of his winning our gubernatorial poll that registered over 150,000 votes.  His campaign defeated every other Republican candidate on the ballot.  He was a Republican candidate until he decided to run outside the Republican Party.

Ammon Bundy for Governor Event

Last week, he issued a press release criticizing the state GOP. Mr. Bundy will now have to gather enough votes to have his name on the ballot for the November election. If he is successful, his name will be on the ballot and the Democratic, Republican, and Constitutional candidates.   


His release did provoke a response from the state GOP in a press release.  IDGOP Chairman Tom Luna said, "We hear the term 'RINO' used freely to describe some members of our party. If you wonder what a RINO is, look no further than Ammon Bundy. He is the ultimate RINO. However, our priority has always been and will continue to be driving registered republicans to the polls and ensuring their voice is heard on May 17."

You will hear Mr. Bundy's reaction to the GOP, and if you've followed any of his town hall meetings, you know he won't hold anything back in responding to the Idaho GOP.  

Mr. Bundy will answer your questions for the entire hour of the show. If you'd like to have, your question answered, we'd recommend you call in at the beginning of the hour. There has been a lot of media speculation concerning what Mr. Bundy has said; Monday at 9 am, you will hear from him directly.  

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