Over the past four months, there has been an increase in space activity. It’s not that the world’s leading space agencies are seeing aliens; instead, they are hearing them. Maybe. Several different space agencies have reported new transmissions originating from space over the past year. In July, CBS said scientists had discovered a radio signal that sounded like a persistent heartbeat from a galaxy far, far away. You can hear that sound HERE

In May, the Mars Rover heard a change in sounds on the Red Planet that seemed to correlate with the seasons. 

Last month, NASA Tweeted out the sound of a black hole. While you might think that space is silent, their research proves otherwise. The black hole almost sounds like a moan.  

And now, in Salt Lake City, Utah, less than five hours from Boise, residents started hearing what they described as “mysterious alien music.” Multiple residents reported these sounds, with the source of the noise being from… their toilets!  

According to the Salt Lake City Department of Utilities, the truth is out there.  The explanation was not otherworldly at all. Instead, it was a device that the department used to check the system for clogs. It’s called a R.A.T. (Rapid Assessment Tool). They place a transmitter on one end of a sewer and a receiver somewhere else in the line. If the receiver picks up the transmission, they know there isn’t a blockage.  

The good news is that the sewers of Salt Lake City are clear, and now aliens know that if they are going to quietly invade earth, the sewers of Utah are not the place to do it. Maybe the geothermic heat of downtown Boise sewers would be more attractive.  

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