Let’s cut right to the chase and get to it – aliens love Idaho. I shared the data with you yesterday on how many UFO sightings have been reported in Idaho and surrounding states. Idaho ranks top ten in the country for states where you’re most likely to see a UFO. Following the report on the sightings, my curiosity lured me to search YouTube for video proof.

Surely, if we’re one of the top ten states for UFO sightings, we’re bound to find some recent footage… right?

That’s exactly what I found when searching for UFO sightings on YouTube and the results didn’t disappoint. We’re technically not even to the middle of the month yet but there have already been several videos posted this month regarding some SERIOUS UFO sightings. Now, a few of the videos posted this month are of the same UFO incident but to me, that confirms what most of us knew all along: aliens love Idaho’s fall weather.

In one video, we see what appears to be a UFO hovering over a forest in Idaho before descending down into the forest. Without sharing too many spoilers, that’s almost exactly the plot of a new horror film that was just released on Paramount+… if you know you know!

Another video at first appears to be Starlink satellites with many in the comment section suggesting so. However, the movement of the lights to me at least seems to be a little bit different than what satellites would do.

Let’s dive into some of the craziest UFO incidents in Idaho that were caught on camera recently.

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