When Kroger and Albertsons announced their proposed mega-merger and plans to spin off multiple locations in Idaho, we had a sinking feeling that the store in our neighborhood would be on the chopping block. 

Sadly, the two grocery chains released a new document confirming that gut feeling. The two chains originally announced plans to merge in October 2022, but that’s been put on hold after the FTC sued to block the $24.6 billion merger from happening. Before the lawsuit, the FTC said selling 400 stores to another company, C&S Wholesale Grocers, was “inadequate.” Kroger and Albertsons went back to the drawing board and upped the number of stores they would sell to C&S to 579.  

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That new plan actually lowered the number of Albertsons stores that the companies planned to part with in Idaho from 13 to 10. While that seemed like a bit of good news for the state where Albertsons was born, Idahoans were still left guessing which stores would rebrand in the sale. 

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That’s no longer a mystery. Ohio-based Kroger, Albertsons and C&S Wholesale Grocers recently uploaded a document revealing the addresses of all of the stores and distribution centers that would change hands if the merger does eventually come to pass. 

Here’s a look at the number of stores impacted by the merger in our region:

  • Idaho - 10 stores (All Albertsons)
  • Utah - 4 stores (2 Albertsons, 2 Lucky Stores) 
  • Oregon - 62 stores (49 Safeways, 9 Albertsons, 4 QFC/Quality Food Centers)
  • Washington - 124 stores (59 Safeways, 50 QFCs, 12 Haggens, 3 Albertsons) 
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Based on these numbers, it really does appear that Kroger benefits more than Albertsons in Idaho and its neighboring states. 73% of the stores getting spun off in the four states listed are brands under the Albertsons umbrella. Only the QFC stores belong to Kroger. Ultimately, they decided to keep all of their Fred Meyer branded stores in Idaho. 

Which Idaho Locations Will Rebrand in the Sale?

Again, we say this will happen if the merger goes through. It’s not a done deal. C&S could end up with these 10 Idaho locations. The company already has a presence in the Northwest in the form of a warehouse located in Troutdale, Oregon located about 20 miles from Portland. 

Their brands include Grand Union, Southern Family Markets, Piggly Wiggly, Nell’s and Olean Wholesale Grocery. They would likely rebrand these stores in a manner similar to how Albertsons rebranded and remodeled the Paul’s Market locations in McCall and on Lake Hazel in Boise when they acquired the smaller company in 2016.

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