There's no doubt that drive-in movie theaters are really having a moment thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down traditional theaters and delaying releases. But is this really the most interesting roadside attraction in Idaho? 

Capitalizing on the fact that if Americans do go on a family vacation this summer, many will opt for road trips rather than air travel, USA Today put together a handy guide of things the most interesting things you should keep your eyes peeled for in each state. Some are "World's Largest" objects like Indiana's Ball of Paint, Kansas's Ball of Twine and North Dakota's Holstein Cow. Others are some really strange fiberglass sculptures like Alabama's Lady in the Lake, Delaware's Miles the Monster and Virginia's Dinosaur Kingdom II.

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But in Idaho? Apparently the most interesting thing you'll see from the road is a drive-in movie theater. The Spud Drive-In to be exact. Out of all the remaining drive-ins theaters in the Gem State the Spud Drive-In in Driggs has to be the most unique. The single screen drive-in has gained fame from parking "Old Murphy" on the property.  The trailer truck hauling a giant potato is a perfect photo-op for travelers to pull over and snap a photo documenting their trip to Idaho.  The 50s style drive-on serves up everything from burgers and shakes to potato necessities like french fries, spud buds and seasoned fries.  If you'd like to make an weekend out of it, they even offer five adorable Air BnB properties like vintage campers and cozy cabins for guests to spend the night at the drive in!

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