What an amazing day in the Treasure Valley today.  It was sunny, it was warm, and I took a few minutes to take advantage of our proximity to the Greenbelt at our studios. 

We get caught up in our lives, our routines become normal, and sometimes you forget that you live in such an amazing place.  I also get caught up in my to-do list and forget that it's not just okay to walk away for a couple minutes, but actually helpful.

My little walk along the Greenbelt ended up with a picnic table and a five minute chill session.  It was amazing.

I need to do that more.  Do you have a place you go to "center" for a few?  I know I'm very lucky that our office is where it is, but I'm guessing a lot of us have a spot we can take a break for just a couple minutes.

I've shown you mine, now I'd love to see yours.


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