Maybe you heard about the skier at Tamarack last weekend that became disoriented and ended up lost and out of bounds.  How would you survive a cold night on the slopes all alone?  Here's how he did it.

Sean Stevenson's lift ticket had been scanned and his car was still in the parking lot, so the resort knew he was still on the slopes somewhere.  His family reported him missing late Sunday night when he didn't return, and he wasn't found until Monday morning.

KTVB says he dug a snow cave for shelter and warmth, and spent the night huddled up inside of it.  And it worked.  He made it through the night and only had to be treated for minor exposure, along with dehydration the next day in McCall.  He's doing fine now.

There's snow in the forecast today and tomorrow, and that might make for good skiing this weekend.

So far this ski season the western half of the US has gotten most of the snow, and the east coast resorts are still waiting.  Idaho is lucky.

And so is Sean!  And very smart.