Books and coffee usually go together, but what about books and beer? One Boise bookstore might be adding alcohol in the future.

This might be your chance to flip through the pages of 50 Shades of Grey while sipping on wine.  Or grab a grilling book and a beer and see what recipes you're suddenly inspired to try.

Barnes and Noble says it's going to open four new concept stores that will have little food cafes inside that sell beer and wine.  None of these new concept stores will be in Boise right off the bat, but if they're successful it's possible that other B&N locations including Boise could be renovated to include the bar-and-grill-meets-bookstore idea.

While they work all of that out, here's something else to check out at the Boise location on North Milwaukee.  They'll have a Finding Dory-inspired day on July 8th when they'll celebrate Dory with a scavenger hunt and a few giveaways.  Sounds like a good way to keep the kids busy for an hour or two, right Moms?  Even better with another mom friend and a glass of wine.