One-of-a-kind new paintings are on display at City Hall that show iconic Boise buildings including the Egyptian Theater, the Idaho Statehouse, and the Idanha building.  And they're a gift directly from the artist.

Boise artist John Taye gave twelve paintings to the City of Boise and they're now part of the Boise Visual Chronicle collection, which includes other paintings, drawings, prints, and photographs showing what life in Boise is like. You can see works from the collection at the Boise Centre on the Grove, Boise City Hall, CCDC’s offices and the Boise Airport.

Mayor Lauren McLean said the new paintings from John Taye that show scenes from Downtown Boise are part of a collection that helps show the impact that art can have in "shaping our perspective of the place we live and the values we carry."

KTVB shared an interesting quote from the painter that highlights how artists see scenes differently than the average commuter.  We might drive through Downtown Boise every day and not notice much besides tall buildings, brick, and windows, but John Taye sees it differently  "The downtown area is a somewhat chaotic place visually; I suppose that is the nature of any city, put together on a piecemeal basis," Taye said. "But at the same time, it is a very fertile place for a painter looking for colors, shapes, and textures."

To view John Taye's collection, click HERE.

If the goal was to leave the viewer wanting more, mission accomplished.  Most of the paintings show little bits of a larger picture and leave you wondering what's happening just outside the borders.  And that's one of the great things about art!  There's plenty of room left for interpretation.

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