The incredible wish they're granting on the 41st Anniversary of Make-A-Wish was the brain child of a six-year-old Wish Kid who wanted to make a difference for kids facing the same challenges she did! 

6 Year Old Rosie is Excited For Her Wish!
6 Year Old Rosie is Excited For Her Wish!

For most kids, field trip days are some of the best days of the entire school year, but for Rosie her class field trip in January 2020 turned into a really scary experience. During the trip, she got really sick and was rushed to the hospital. Her family heard the words that no parent wants to hear "Your child has cancer." Not long after, Rosie began her chemotherapy treatments at St. Luke's Children's Cancer Clinic. Thanks to her amazing medical team, she was able to wrap up her treatments in July and was declared cancer-free in August. She'll have to closely monitor her health for years to come, but she's kept a positive attitude through her entire cancer journey.

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11 Year Old Jaeden lives with CF and wished for her own puppy.
11 Year Old Jaeden lives with CF and wished for her own puppy.

When asked what she'd like for her wish from Make-A-Wish, Rosie wanted to pay it forward to other kids who are currently going through the same scary battle that she was going through last year. Her wish was to donate a bunch of items on the Children's Cancer Clinic wish list to St. Luke's Children's Hospital. The wish list is designed to raise the spirits of kids undergoing cancer treatments at St. Luke's and includes everything toys and craft kits for little ones to gift cards and small electronics for teen patients. Rosie gets to see her wish come true today, World Wish Day, at 3 p.m!

Make-A-Wish Idaho is able to make wishes like Rosie's come true through the generosity of donors right here in the Treasure Valley. The pandemic has made things even more stressful for families dealing with a child who's battling a critical illness, so they're working hard to grant as many wishes for those kids as they can safely and efficiently and that's why I hope you'll consider them when you're deciding where to donate your dollars for Idaho Gives Day! 

There are a lot of kids that are waiting for their wishes to come true including:

  • Harper: She's 8 and living with a nervous system disorder. She's really hoping to have her own bunny barn.
  • Elanor: She's 11 and battling leukemia. She dreams if having her own camper trailer.
  • Kolton: We like a young man who know what he wants. He's 11 and battling Cystic Fibrosis. He wants his own man-cave.
  • Trinity: She's 12 and battling lymphoma. She wants to go on a big shopping spree.
  • Kyra: She's 17 and going through leukemia. She wishes for a goldendoodle puppy to keep her company.

Make-A-Wish Idaho has been around for 35 years and in that time has granted nearly 1700 wishes! We could go on and on about the amazing things they've made happen for kids that need a little a reason to smile when they're going through a tough time, but nothing says it better than watching the smile on a Wish Kid's face on their big day:

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