Growing up, there were certain days in school you just looked forward to. 

Usually they were days that totally disrupted any sort of traditional learning. Assemblies. Pep Rallies. Awards Ceremonies. Spelling Bees. The day the teacher rolled the TV into the classroom. Of course with that last one, you always kept your fingers crossed there wouldn't be a quiz on the movie because you just wanted to put your head down and not take notes. Those were all fun, but they were all in the school building.

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But let's be honest, Field Trip Days were REALLY the best days of the school year! You were got giddy about those trips the moment that your teacher put that permission slip in your hand. You whipped it out of your backpack as soon as you got home to get your parent's John (or Jane) Hancock scribbled on the dotted line and returned it days before the deadline. Then the countdown was on. You could barely wait to load up the bus, get to that destination and most likely get to enjoy lunch somewhere other than the cafeteria!

Of all of those field trips that you went on growing up, which one of those were the most memorable? Which ones started to get tired of after a while? It may have been one on this list!

According to our listeners, if you grew up in the Treasure Valley these are the five field trips that you probably went on!