Isn't it surreal that it's been almost a year since many of us saw a new movie in an actual theater? Studios are starting to release new movies, but there's only a handful of theaters where you can grab a bucket of popcorn and see them. 

Naturally, we're wondering which theaters will pull through on when we get to the other side. While New York theaters were recently given the greenlight to re-open, Regal doubled down on their skepticism over whether studios will stick to their current release schedules. In a post on their Facebook page, they said they were encouraged by the news but said they'll feel confident about a solid release schedule paving the way for them to reopen their theaters once Los Angeles gets the greenlight to welcome guests back.

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Since the pandemic began, Regal has already decided to close one of the four Edwards theaters they owned in the Treasure Valley. When Regal theaters come back, the location in BoDo won't. We're heartbroken, because that was our go-to theater for the big Marvel releases (even after someone spoiled Avengers: Endgame for everyone in the lobby of the theater on opening night.)

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If you're new to Boise, you may not realize that Edwards wasn't the first movie theater that Downtown Boise lost in the 20 years. Just two years before the nine screen Edwards theater was announced, a two screen theater called the 8th Street Market Place building across the street home. Read on to learn more about it and four other throwback movie theaters Boise misses!

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