I bet you didn't know you needed a human bowling ball until now, but if you win $5000 with us tomorrow, you could be the proud owner of one.

5 Things You Could Buy with $5000 to Totally Spoil Yourself

1.  The Human Bowling Ball costs $5500, and it's part of an inflatable bowling game where you become the ball and have to knock down a set of pins by tumbling head-over-heels toward end of the lane.  The zipper part opens up in a 7-foot transparent PVC ball and you can roll yourself down an inflatable lane in the backyard every day this fall trying to crush those pins.  Why does it cost so much?  Nobody knows.  But yours would be the cool house.

2.  Five thousand micro-transactions in an app game.  Think of the freedom you would suddenly have after all this time hitting the "x" or "cancel" and saying no to the extra gems, tokens, and add-ons in your favorite video game.  If each one cost 99 cents, you'll suddenly be able to afford five thousand of them and you could level up toward world domination.

3.  An 82-inch QLED TV.  Amazon has an 82-inch Samsung flat-screen that was marked down to $3497 the last time I checked, down from an original price of $5299.  And then you'd have a TV that takes up half of your wall and you would never want to leave the house again, or at least not until after football season.  If you get it on sale, you'll have an extra grand leftover for cables, mounting brackets, and snacks.

4.  A trip to Las Vegas.  Plane tickets, hotel for three nights, tickets to some great concerts and shows, well....it wouldn't take long to eat up that $5000.  But with someone else's fun money, you'd be able to stay right there on the strip and eat at the fancy restaurants instead of settling for fleabag hotels because you're worried about the budget.

5.  One Thousand Five Hundred Orders of Fries at Boise Fry Company.  If each order of fries averages three bucks, you could bag enough of those babies to literally feed an army.  Or a really hungry family.  Just give Boise Fry Company a heads up that you're coming so the rest of us don't have to wait half a day for a burger because we're stuck behind you.

You might have your own ideas about how to spend your winnings, and that's just fine too.  The point is, be here for the codes starting tomorrow, and you could end up with a lot more money in your account than you have today for fun and maybe a little bit of ridiculousness too.  Good luck!

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