During the first couple of weeks of lockdown, we'd get really excited when one of our favorite artists decided to jump on Instagram Live or YouTube for a virtual concert. As the weeks dragged on? Well, the novelty wore off. 

If you walk into my office here at the station, you'll see my walls lined with posters from OAR and Matt Nathanson concerts. They are hands down my two favorite artists and both embraced virtual concerts last March. For weeks, I cleared my schedule for an hour on Wednesdays and Sundays to watch. It was really cool to connect with other fans and get to be part of a real time Q&A conversation with the people who's music was playing a small part in helping us navigate the most anxiety inducing year of our lives.

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But, after about a month and it becoming clear that it was going to take much longer than "two weeks to flatten the curve," I lost interest and stopped making it part of my routine. (Eventually the artists did too.) I was restless. As more Idahoans get vaccinated, more artists are getting ready to hit the road again and are planning to perform in the Treasure Valley as early as July!

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