Friday afternoon felt like Christmas Day because the order I've been impatiently waiting for FINALLY showed up at our apartment office!

If you've listened to my show for any duration of the past two months, you know that I've been in a constant battle with my iPhone 7.  There's a possibility that my 7 was a lemon. It would freeze, randomly restart in the middle of me doing something or give me no option than to factory restore it every single time I tried to install an iOS update.  After loving my iPhone 4 and my iPhone 5s, the experience with the 7 was a complete disappointment.

So many people asked me "If you have that many problems with it, then why do you want to stick with an Apple phone? Get a Droid already!"  The answer's simple.  My laptop is a Mac and I love being able to AirDrop myself photos and video that I've taken for the station.  It makes editing them and uploading them a breeze.  After the Apple event where they unveiled the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X, I decided to shell out the money for the X because the 8 was too much like the 7 that I despise.

Normally I'm not eager to get the newest phone, but I was so eager to get away from the one I had, that I pre-ordered it at 4:30 a.m. the first day you could.  Originally, Verizon said it wouldn't ship until December 1st, but it showed up on Friday! For the first weekend in a long time, I had ZERO phone issues.  I'm loving the iPhone X, but there's a bit of a learning curve with it if you've used past versions of the iPhone.

There were four things that I couldn't figure out how to do:

  • Close apps that were running in the background
  • Take a screenshot
  • Open the camera from the lock screen
  • Shut off the phone

So, I investigated how to do them and put together a video showing you how (ya know, just in case you've been staring at that cool new phone having no idea what to do with it!)

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