Apple Pie. Apple Crisp. Apple Cider. Caramel Apples. Can we agree that fall is THE most delicious time of the year and it's all thanks to apples?

Since I was a little girl, my favorite dessert has and always will be my mom's Apple Crisp. When I moved away, I must've asked her for the recipe about 1,079 times. Somewhere along the way, she lost the recipe card. It took years for it to turn up again but when it finally did, she was smart enough to send a photo of it to my sister and I so that between the three of us someone was bound to have it should it go missing again.

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I will say the first time I made it, I learned a very valuable lesson. Don't put your ALL of the apple peels down the garbage disposal at once. I clogged mine up and whatever bubbled out of the drain on the other side of the sink just looked SUPER gross. But hey, the Apple Crisp came out just fine so it was a win!

If you have an apple recipe you're excited to cook up, here's five fun places where you can pick your own apples for it in the Boise area!

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