This year, you've spent a lot of time at home and really enjoyed the serenity of your yard. Of course, that was until the leaves started changing, the winds picked up and now you've got to start cleaning all of those up before Boise gets its first snowfall of the year. 

While a rain-snow mix is in the forecast for Saturday, meteorologists don't expect it to stick to the valley floor. Based on the last six years of weather data, our first measurable snow fall of the year typically happens the second week of November or first week of December. Although, last year we did get almost a half inch of snow fall two days before Halloween.

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But you SHOULD have a few more weeks to clean up the leaves in your yard. When you're doing so, just make sure that you don't sweep or blow them into the street! Why? Because that's actually considered illegal in Idaho!

Leaves are technically considered "debris" and under Idaho code, it's illegal to deposit debris along any highway, street, alley or easement used by the public for public travel. If you willfully do so and it impedes traffic or creates a hazardous driving conditions, you could be charged with a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of $2,500, up to six months in prison or both.

If you have leaves you need off your property, you can drop them off between now and December 3 at the following locations. Please use paper bags only.

  • Elm Grove Park
  • Cassia Park
  • Kristin Armstrong Municipal Park (Dirt road at the north end of the park)
  • Joplin Road Compost Pick-Up Site (Large blue container off Joplin road at the bottom of the field)
  • Ada County Landfill (October 21 - December 9, Monday - Saturday)

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